Cascadas Project



Component-ware for Autonomic Situation-aware Communications, and Dynamically Adaptable Services

“Bringing Autonomic Services to Life”

Internet, ICT and Telecommunications need to evolve rapidly to cope with Prosumers' needs when producing and consuming pervasive, situated-aware communication and contents services. This evolutionary trend will allow a wide range of new activities that today are simply not possible or impractical. However, the achievement of such vision requires a deep re-thinking of the current way of developing and deploying distributed service and networking systems.

CASCADAS main goal is developing an autonomic component-based framework to enable composition, execution and deployment of innovative services capable of flexing and coping with unpredictable environments by dynamically self-adapting to situation evolutions.

In this context, CASCADAS aims at a vision of Future Internet as an ecology of simple lightweight components (abstracting data, information, service components, telco-ICT enabler, etc.) that are able to interact with each other and self-organize dynamically their activities to serve in an adaptive and goal-oriented way the dynamic needs of Prosumers and Providers. In this vision, traditional ISO/OSI layered approaches to networking and Internet lose any meaning: i.e. without relying on any pre-defined layering, the ecology of self-organizing and self-adaptive components will be able to compose together any needed suite of services.
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