ACE Autonomic Toolkit

What is ACE Autonomic Toolkit?

The ACE Autonomic Toolkit is an open-source platform for setting up autonomic services in a distributed environment. It provides tools for service discovery, service provisioning / usage, autonomic adaptation of a service (e.g. to the context), support for service mobility (service migration), for supervision and service aggregation, security, and a lot more.

In the Toolkit, the world consis of ACEs (Autonomic Communictaion Elements) that provide services and/or use services provided by other ACEs. ACEs form a service eco-system.

The ACE Autonomic Toolkit consists of a core package and optional extension packages.

The ACE Autonomic Toolkit runs on any platform with JavaSE 1.5 or later. It was extensively tested on PC (Windows and Unix), Mac and Google Android (via emulator).

Learn more

Visit the ACE E-learning Web Portal to learn more about the Toolkit, ACEs and related results.
The ACE E-Learning web portal includes tutorials, documentation, slide shows and demo descriptions - all in a structured, easily searchable way.


To download one or more packages please visit the ACE Toolkit download page.

About us

The ACE Toolkit is a result of the CASCADAS project.
We would like to acknowledge the European Commission for funding the Integrated Project CASCADAS Component-ware for Autonomic, Situation-aware Communications, And Dynamically Adaptable Services (FET Proactive Initiative, IST-2004-2.3.4 Situated and Autonomic Communications) within the 6th IST Framework Program.

You can reach us through the ACE Autonomic Toolkit project home on SourceForge.
For questions related to the CASCADAS project in general, please use the address listed on the CASCADAS website.